Summit House (Current)

27 Sale Place, Paddington, London

Cast bronze

Commissioned by JC Decaux, 2017

Architect: Wilmotte, Art Consultant: Philomena Davidson

This work is inspired by photographs of railway tracks at Paddington Station taken at the turn of the 20th century. The photos show railway switches receding into the distance and turning a corner into the station. The proposed artwork is an expressive interpretation of this iconic imagery.

The work is a sculptural manifestation of a quick pencil sketch of these images. As a result, the fluid forms of the proposed artwork have a human element to them and resonate with the sharp simplicity of the architecture.  

As well as referencing this local landmark, the work suggests lines of communication and messaging.  It gives a sense of a network or web, evoking the global communication which JC Decaux facilitates.

Images disclosed on installation. 

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