Riverside Housing Association (Current)

Glazing for Extra Care Housing Scheme, Redwood Glades, Leads Road, Hull

Adhesive vinyl

Commissioned by Riverside Housing Assc. & Hull City Council, 2016

Art Consultant: RKL

This housing scheme is designed for adults with special educational needs and dementia. The brief was to create artwork which would be sensitive to the needs of these demographics.

The concept was developed by exploring the themes of nostalgia and memory. It is common for people suffering from dementia to be unable to recall recent events or the everyday minutiae of life, however they are often able to remember vividly times from the distant past.

Consequently, the design is based on the form of a paper plane, for its connotations of youth and childhood.  The design is the result of a process that consists of a few simple stages. A paper plane is constructed from A4 paper and after each fold, a layer of powder pigment is dusted over the construction, leaving behind a stencil. The result is a ‘ghost’ of the plane or a ‘memory’ of where the plane lay.