Folgate Court (Proposal)

Gate and shade panels for Folgate Court Office Facade

Steel, anodised aluminium

Commissioned by DTZ Investors, 2016

Architect: Orms

The design of the facade is inspired by the warp and weft structure of a silk scarf, referencing the history of silk weaving in the Spitalfields area.  In a similar vein, the gate and window shade panels are based on the traditional techniques that were used by the Heugenots to weave silk fabric, in particular the old fashioned looms that were employed.

The threads in these looms are hung in precise formations and sweep down and outwards in a star shape when viewed from the side. In order to create a flowing and elegant form, the sliding gate is fabricated from a series of triangular, rather than rectangular panels. There are no vertical lines in the hinges of the gate, allowing the design and the structure to be as one.

(This project is currently on hold due to uncertainty after Brexit)

0876 Folgate Court V2 Cafe Cam02.jpg
0876 Folgate Court V2 Street Cam01.jpg
0876 Folgate Court V2 Office Cam04.jpg